JULIANA got involved with UNYAP

  • Juliana Maria Costa, a youth leader from Haluaghat Upazela of Mymensingh district has been selected as a Member for UN Advisory Panel. Juliana is a student of 12th class with enthusiastic leadership qualities for social change. She has been involved with Shonglap Forum led by POPI and supported by Stromme Foundation since 2011.  She is also a member of Haluaghat Youth Forum led by Department of Women Affairs.


    Her Leadership was flourished by attending various awareness campaigns on social and adolescent issues through Shonglap programme. She was elected the President of Shonglap Forum for one term and took many important movements for the betterment of underprivileged girls of her society. Her skills were also enhanced with participating in different cultural activities. She took part in BTV’s cultural programme “Lokaloy” as a member of Bagachas Cultural Sanghain Haluaghat. Juliana also actively involved with Tribal Welfare Association.


    Regarding her interest in UN Youth Advisory Panel, Juliana says, “My primary motivation to be a member of advisory panel of UNYAP is to avail the next advance tier of knowledge enhances as well as excellent self-development opportunity. I was immediately convinced, when I knew about this program, as it is a great opportunity to work for the youth community in a wider scale through learning and sharing. As ethnicity, I am coming from Garo origin. Living with limited scope of personal development, I always try to involve myself with the social and cultural groups and activities. When I studied in high school, I was engaged with adolescent forum supported by the NGOs like POPI, World Vision and BRAC. I joined debate club and participated debating competition in district level. As a member of Tribal Welfare Association (TWA), I perform cultural program in Bangladesh Television (BTV). In 2011, I joined with Shonglap Program of POPI and eventually formed an Adolescent Forum in my locality. I have been selected as President of this forum and continuing various issue based program, like, drama, cultural program, day observation, wall magazine publishing and campaigning. From POPI, I have received various trainings, like, Leadership, Advocacy and Networking which enhanced my skills and confidence to lead my forum towards our development.”


    “The above engagement what I made was not easy for me as it is the place where we live with limited scope of development opportunity. My strong intention and support from my family, I have tried to avail the maximum opportunity what I got. This is my strong desire and quality that I bring to engage with UNYAP. I hope, I will be able to contribute for the youth and adolescentsof Bangladeshto flourish their potentials.”


    Being partner of adolescent development in disadvantaged Ethnic community, POPI is proud of Juliana and wish all the success of her mission with UNYAP.