Amusing get together of English Language Clubs at Madan

  • English Language Clubs under Naton Alo Project at Madan (Netrakona) got together on August 30, 2014. The programme was organised at Tiosree Union Parishad Hall Room where around 60 Members of six Clubs took part. Project Coordinator of Natun Alo Project Mr. Subrata Kumar Basak inaugurated the day while Project Pffice (M&E) Mr. Harunur Rashid Hira facilitated the whole session. Among others, Programme Officer (Health & Education) Ms. Lutfunnehar and Programme Officer (IGA & DRR) Mr. Bimol were present in the event. Introducing part was very attractive through an appealing game.

    Participants started with a theme song, written by Ms. Lutfunnehar followed by welcome speech and briefing of the English Language Club Programme of Natun Alo Project. This programme was initially started with the support of BBC Media Action now it is continuing in different areas by the support from POPI. There are six Clubs in Madan Upazela mainly for adolescent girls and boys under the care of Natun Alo Project. The major objective of the programme is to enable the participants of rural area with confidence of using English in their daily life.   

    Afterward a dummy session on English clubs was held which was the most attractive part of the program. This session was facilitated by the delegate of ICON & Beashi English Clubs. At first they make three groups among the all participant by using a fastidious method. They put three type of circuit in a bowl and let the each participant to take a circuit from the bowl. When the all participant took the circuit then facilitator request them to open it where three type of item was written - Sheep, Cow and Duck. Thus they made three groups named Sheep, Cow and Duck.

    It is noted here that this session was held by playing different types of games involving the selected three groups. Every game contained 10 marks for all groups. The Judges were very careful to mark the performance of every groups time to time. There were 10 types of game introduced in the program.

    The first game was relating to memory game. Here the every group members was supplied by a couple of words to see for 30 seconds and then they have to memorize those words within 01 minutes. Second game was acting - a group member sees a word and tries to give meaning to his/her group by acting. Third game was drawing - a group member sees a word and tries to give meaning to his/her group by drawing. Fourth game was spelling test - there are some spelling error and group members try to correct them within 03 minutes. Fifth game was dice & word - a group members use a slip where some no is noted from 1-10 and other member try to make sentence with the noted number on dice. Sixth game was rearrange and make correct sentence - there are some scatter word and group members have to rearrange them and make correct sentence within 03 minutes. Seventh game was making sentence - a group member takes a word from a bowl and make sentence with that word within 10 seconds. Game eight was the fill in the gap - there is some blank space in a sentence and group members have to fill in gap with appropriate sentence provided by loose sheet. Game nine was loud spelling test - a group member trough a word and all have to spell it correctly within 10 seconds. Last game was spoken English - Here facilitator makes a friendship and explain one another by English using at least five words.

    After lunch a beautiful cultural program held including dance, song and jokes competition. Most of the clubs members participated in this competition impulsively and all the audience enjoyed it very much. An attractive raffle draw was also arranged for the participants at the end. The day was wrapped up with prize distribution and closing speech by the Chief Guest. Members of the English Language Clubs enjoyed the day very much and got enthusiasm and courage.