• Sagor, a boy of 10 years old loves going to school & playing cricket with his friends and dreamed to be a doctor. But he belonged to a desperately poor family. One morning his father asked him if he would go to work to earn money for his desperately poor family.

    Sagor wanted to be a good son and help his family, so he said 'yes'. He was sent to work at a local shoe factory gluing shoes together. He worked from 7.00 o'clock in the morning till midnight, seven days a week in a dark, dirty room without required breaks. All for around 60 Taka a day. He suffered greatly, was often ill and the factory owner would beat him. At night he slept on the floor of the factory- unloved, isolated and completely alone. He would dream of another life but had no hope.

    POPI's Sustainable Elimination and Prevention of the Worst Forms of Child Labor (SEPWFCL) project, fights against the poorest forms of child labour- releasing the children from the factories, reintegrating them with their families and enrolling them in special schools. These schools have created a healing, nurturing environment where the children like Sagor can begin to recover from the horrific ordeals that they have endured.

    Sagor is now part of our Release Team because he wants to help free other children form child labour- his determination and enthusiasm are inspirational.