Sumi Aktar wants to be a teacher

  • Sumi, an adolescent girl of 12 years, lives in the village of Baghmara of Tioshree union under Madan Upazilla. Her father’s name is Genet Mia (48 yrs) and mother is Nazma Begum (37 yrs). She has three brothers. Her father is a day laborer. Of the three brothers, two are engaged as annual basis house-servants and the youngest brother is a student at the Pre-School.

    Sumi’s family is landless. Since her father is a day laborer and have no arable land and productive assets as a source of income, they go hungry on days her father is unable to find work. This happens often during the rainy season. In the Haor area they live the inundation stays on for about six months. Her brothers can do little to help. They are engaged as house laborers and earn their wages at the end of the year. Also their incomes are very little as they take meals in the homes they serve. Sumi dropped out of school in 2012 at time when her family was unable to support her studies. She was in Class IV.

    In spite of this situation, Sumi was enrolled at the Shonglap center in January 2014. Drawing inspiration from Shonglap Sumi is keen to receive a good education. She is receiving  formal education in Class V at Balali Baghmara Primary School.

    She wants the blessings from all to become a good teacher in future.And when she can earn she wants to look after her family. She wants to bring them out of adverse poverty. She will help her little brother in his education.