Project Title : Building Resilient of Haor People through Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation
Working Area : Upazela : Derai, District : Sunamganj
Beneficiaries : 3800 HH
Major Components :
  1. DRR & CCA
  2. Livelihood security
  3. Rights and Governance
Funded by : Christian Aid

Project Goal:

Creating opportunities for sustainable reduction of the negative impact of climate change and disaster in targeted areas at Derai through community participations, capacity building and right based approach strategies.


Specific Objectives:

  • To build and strong them community people’s own units and local institutions to contribute to DRR and Climate change adaptation.
  • To strengthen capacity and capability of targeted agri- farmers to cope with disasters and climate change impacts.
  • To build linkages between targeted community units and upazila DRR mechanism, NGO’s, GoB services providers and heightening support.
  • Advocacy rights in government for haor people to be protected from disaster risks, CC impacts and other insecurities.


Major Activities

  • Staff training and orientation
  • UP Members Orientation
  • Volunteer Team formation and capacity building
  • Resilient Community Unit formation and capacity building
  • Conducting Participatory Capacity and Vulnerability Assessment (PVCA)
  • Meeting and workshop on DRR & CCA with Disaster Management committees at Union and Upazela level.
  • BCC & IEC materials development on DRR & CCA
  • Courtyard Session on DRR & CCA
  • Introducing DRR & CC Resilient Crop and technical & input support
  • Training to Teachers, Imams,   & Business Leaders
  • Day Observation (IDDR &DPD)
  • Dialogue in District / Upazilla with RCU, GOB, Media, Public
  • Plant Distribution with fancying Coconut / other trees to beneficiary
  • Asset transfer (Duck/ Sheep/Boat & Net )
  • Grant for land leasing to landless groups for crop diversification and to introduce climate resilient crops
  • Mound Raising / Repairing
  • Exposure visit for project /volunteers
  • Market Survey and linkage
  • Training on IGA to selected Beneficiary
  • National / District learning Sharing Workshop
  • Simulations /Mock Drills