Project Title : Combating Domestic Violence Against Women
Working Area : Upazela: Kishoreganj Sadar, Bajitpur, Itna, Kuliarchar and Mithamoin, District: Kishoreganj
Beneficiaries : 45000 HH
Major Components :
  1. Strengthening rights claiming initiatives
  2. Common and supportive understanding among service providers
  3. Improved access of the beneficiaries to legal and other services (Health, credit, skill, safety-net etc.) for access to justice
  4. Livelihood enhancement of the targeted women through Alternatives Livelihood Opportunities
  5. Linkages.
Funded by : Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF)

Project Goal:

Secured and better living of the vulnerable women of the project areas by reducing gender based inequality and violence at domestic arenas by the end of project period.


Specific Objectives:

  • Strengthening rights claming initiatives of marginalized and vulnerable women for ensuring their collective efforts to reduce incidents of domestic violence and entitlements over different services and resources
  • Enhance to reach a common and supportive understanding among service providers community people, civil society, local level organization, and households of targeted group so that they can play pro-active role in reducing domestic Violence.
  • Enhancement access of the beneficiaries to legal and other services (health, credit, skill, safety net etc.) for access to justice (both local and formal) and better livelihood (through ALO- Alternative Livelihoods Opportunities) of the targeted women   through linkages


Major Activities

  • Sensitizing Upazela office staff
  • Volunteers Team develop and capacity building
  • Training for Couples on Gender issue
  • Nari Nirjaton Protirodh Committee (NNPC) formation and capacity building
  • Supporting school adolescent committee
  • Facilitating Village Action Committee
  • School StudentsDebate on DVAW Awareness
  • Medical/ Health camp for Health rights awareness at model village
  • Adolescent centre establishment and supporting
  • Advocacy and Planning meeting with Police department, Hospital, Community Leader, UP 
  • Linkage with other NGO / Forums / Networks
  • Day observation
  • Legal Aid
  • Marriage registration
  • Birth registration
  • Workshop on DV law with judges, lawyers, DWAO, Police and Hospital etc
  • Legal awareness session and legal campaign
  • Folk Song / Drama / Cultural show
  • Model village establishment
  • IGA support
  • Staff training and orientation