Project Title : Demand Control and Awareness Campaigning of DWASA
Working Area : 14 wards of Dhaka City
Beneficiaries : 50,000 HH
Major Components :
  1. Awareness & Technical Education
  2. Awareness raising campaign
  3. Mobilize Urban Communities
  4. Teaching customers on meter reading
Funded by : Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority

Goal and Objectives:

  • Establish a better understanding of DWASA by the customer and visa versa
  • Establish a transparency  in the operation of DWASA
  • Assist the general public in how to take meter reading, understanding  the billing system and the different payment options to be provided,
  • Assist the public in understanding the demand for water and the common misuses to which water is frequently subjected including the illegal use of suction pumps to withdraw water from the delivery lines,
  • Raise the awareness of the public in understanding the situation of the potential shortage/ supply condition of water in Dhaka due to wastage,
  • Familiarize customers with DWASA services,
  • Alert customer to the optimum use of water and maintaining quality of service.

Major Activities :

  • House/customer of DWASA visit
  • Connection of DWASA visit
  • FGD conduction
  • Massage delivery
  • Mother’s meeting
  • Teenage meeting
  • School awareness Campaign
  • Maid Servants Meeting
  • Workshop / Seminar on DWASA services and demand.