Project Title : Livelihood Security Progarm
Working Area : Derai and  Austogram Upazelas of Sunamganj and Kishoreganj districts Nikli
Beneficiaries : 3600 HH
Major Components :
  1. Institute Building
  2. Crops diversification
  3. Empowerment
  4. Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation
  5. Advocacy and campaign
Funded by : Oxfam Hong Kong

Project Goal

Increasing of responsible well-being in the all domains for 3600 ultra poor households at 12 unions of Derai, Biswamberpur and Austagram (Haor) through livelihood security.

Specific Objectives :                                                             

  • To increase capacity of targeted beneficiaries (in skills and income aspect) for acquiring self sustenance in sustainable level.
  • To strengthen unity and institutions (Groups) of targeted beneficiaries so that they can acquire self esteem and social power.
  • To strengthen linkages and coordination of targeted beneficiary groups with community stakeholders, for ensuring access of target beneficiaries in social resources and government resources.
  • To reduce disaster risk and climate change vulnerability at project areas through community preparedness and participation.

Major Activities :

  • Child survey
  • School establishment on a mechanized boat
  • Teachers’ training (Basic & Subject based)
  • School management Committee
  • Parents group mobilization
  • Community Mobilization