Natun Alo

Project Title : Natun Alo Project
Working Area : Upazela: Madan, District: Netrokona
Beneficiaries : 1000 HH
Major Components :
  1. Social Development
  2. 3.0 Health and Nutrition
  3. Basic and Functional Education
  4. Economic Development
  5. Disaster Risk Reduction
Funded by : Stromme Foundation & Eriks Development Partners.

Project Goal

By 2016, 1000 poor and marginalized families of Netrokona Districts of Bangladesh have                   improved economic status and enjoy their entitlements with dignity.

Specific Objectives :                                                             

  • By the end of 2016, strong civil society mechanism functioning to address and advocate for social and economic rights of people
  • Improved Health and nutritional status of the 1,000 target families (especially mothers and children).
  • Children of the 1000 target families have access to quality basic and functional education
  • 1,000 families have improved income generating opportunities
  • Target households have developed their resilient to natural disasters.

Major Activities :

  • Small Group formation and capacity building
  • Mobilizing People’s Organization
  • Family plan Development
  • Workshop with Health related department of GO and NGO’s
  • Supporting Community Health Volunteers (CHV) for community health services
  • TBA Service
  • Health Camp (General / Eye camp)
  • Deep Tube Well installation
  • Sanitary Latrine installation
  • Pre School establishment
  • NFPE School
  • CMC & Guardian meeting
  • Monthly refresher meeting with NFPE teachers
  • CMC & Guardian meeting of NFPE
  • Supporting Government schools for quality education
  • SMC & PTA meeting
  • Sanglap centre (Adolescent Centres)
  • Workshop with different department of government
  • National disaster preparedness day observation with community
  • UDMC meeting
  • Discussion session with different forum (Sanglap, SMC, PTA,  SST,CMC)
  • Study support and stipend to deserving students
  • Vegetable seed / sapling distribution
  • Skill development training for the beneficiaries
  • Critical input support ((Cow, Goat, Poultry, vegetable seed & sapling and cash for small business)
  • Creating market access of local products
  • Exposure visit
  • IGA Fair
  • DRR & CCA Plan and support
  • Training on DRR & CCA
  • Seed Bank and Grain Bank
  • Mock drill on Disaster preparedness