Project Title : Oxfam Humanitarian Capacity Building
Working Area : Haor area in Kishoreganj district
Beneficiaries : 1000 HH
Major Components : Capacity building on DRR
Funded by : OXFAM

Project Outcomes

  • Improved organizational capacity of organizations to respond to an emergency in a timely and effective manner.
  • Increased surge capacity at Oxfam and partners’ level in major sectors such as EFSVL, WASH, etc.
  • Increased numbers of women in a transformational leadership role to manage coordinate and implement humanitarian response in a more gender sensitive way with Oxfam and selected strategic partner organizations.
  • Improved practice of accountability through capturing, documenting and disseminating lessons learnt and demonstrating these during emergency programming.
  • Improved coordination among the key stakeholders (government + NGOs) through joined and coordinated effort in initiating emergency response.