Project Title : Participating with ethnic community in their livelihood improvement
Working Area : Upazela: (1) Haluaghat, (2) Dhobaura of Mymensingh district (3) Nalitabari of Sherpur district.
Beneficiaries : 4500 HH (most of the Garo communities)
Major Components :
  1. Children and Adolescent Education
  2. Community peoples’ awareness and Empowerment
  3. Food and livelihood Security for target People
  4. People's Organisation
  5. Micro Finance
Funded by : Stromme Foundation

Project Goal :

By end of 2013, HHs in working areas are satisfying their livelihood needs in a sustainable manner.

Specific Objectives :                                          

  • Access to pro poor financial and non financial services for selected HHs increased and sustained.
  • Increased access to quality primary education for vulnerable Children of age group 5-12 years.

Major Activities :

  • Group formation
  • Shonglap Center establishment
  • Pre-School (ECD) establishment
  • Community Development Center establishment
  • Skill development
  • Capital
  • Micro Finance service