Project Title : Resilience through Economic Empowerment, Climate Adaptation, Leadership and Learning
Working Area : Upazela : Nikli and Mithamoin, District : Kishoreganj
Beneficiaries : 4556 HH
Major Components :
  1. Disaster Management and Climate Change & adaptation
  2. Livelihood Security
  3. Rights and Governance
  4. Women & marginalized leadership
Funded by : OXFAM

Project Goal :

Women and Men most at risk of disaster and climate change in Bangladesh are able to thrive in spite of shocks and change

Specific Objectives :                                          

  • To develop replicable model of resilient community in three agro-ecological zones  and linking with urban settings.
  • To enhance and strengthen the livelihoods of targeted communities in changing climate.
  • Develop community leadership especially of women ensuring access to and control over resources, services and opportunities.

Major Activities :

Result - 1: Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and local government institutions are able to anticipate possible impact of climate change, disaster and taking appropriate measures accordingly. 

  • Baseline for new areas and extended areas
  • CBO formation and capacity building
  • Issue based Regular meeting and annual general meeting (orientation, day long training, discussion on CCA, DRR, Women Rights, EVAW, WASH, Food Security, Savings, IGA, Market link, Social Safety-net, Local Government, Women Leadership etc.)
  • Contingency planning and update at community level
  • Conduction of Participatory Vulnerability & Capacity Assessment (PVCA)
  • Training on Disaster Management
  • Supporting Community Health Volunteers (CHV)
  • Volunteers Training on DRR
  • Awareness building
  • Homestead and Public place raising
  • Community plantation (sapling support)
  • Installation of sanitary Latrine
  • Deep Tube-well Installation
  • Community Seed/Food Bank Development

Result – 02: Sustainable Income and employment options for women and men are created through access to services, natural resources and market link.

  • Meeting with UP on SOD, UDMC, CCA, Contingency plan
  • Update/review/ new Community based Market Extension Plan
  • Facilitate workshop with input suppliers
  • Match making workshop with traders/association/Buyers
  • Training by public and private sectors for Local Service Providers (LSP)- Lead farmers and input retailers
  • Exchange visit to identify innovative
  • Institutionalization and Business contact with different market actors
  • Facilitate CBOs to establish assemble market/trade fair at district level
  • Identify interested women/girls who are seeking employment at garments or interest to work as homemade. Provide necessary training and orientation and link up with the employers with necessary follow up
  • Demonstration of new technology and sharing information on variety of product based on climate variability
  • Lobbying/workshop with financial services providers/Micro finance  institute
  • Facilitate Technical training for duck value chain/livelihood options through public and private sector
  • Training to beneficiaries on advanced agriculture technologies
  • Vegetable Seeds for Homestead Gardening
  • Shallow tube wells for Irrigation
  • Training to beneficiaries on improved practices on livestock rearing
  • Cattle support to beneficiaries for asset building/Duck support for establishing value chain
  • Capital support for women entrepreneurship development/Duck support for women entrepreneurship development
  • Entrepreneurship training to female producer group members (Duck farm)
  • Input support (duck) to CBO to run the bussiness & small trade by extreme poor

Result – 03: Effective and pro poor implementation of policy and legal framework (national to local) related to Agriculture, DRR, CCA and NRM.

  • Review/update social and cultural power structure mapping and analyze to include women in different committees
  • Meeting/workshop/lobby with UP level different committees for inclusion of poor women representatives in the standing committees
  • Establish joint project monitoring cell/committee at union & Upazela  level
  • CBO meeting on domestic violence against women
  • Orientation on women rights, social structure and gender analysis
  • Meeting /workshop with duty bearers, DAE and DLS, UP, UZ department for inclusion in different committee, avail services
  • Training on rights and social justice for supporting alliance activities
  • Media visit and Ensure publication of report, feature in electronic and print media
  • Haor Alliance which are already existing will be supported for strengthening
  • Participatory UP open budget meeting and UP budget publication and meeting on UP annual plan
  • Training on rights and social justice for supporting alliance activities (including Facilitators/Trainers hiring)
  • Upazela/District level public hearing on selected issue related to Natural Resource Management (NRM)
  • Organized joint event with alliance like human chain/ mass gathering on rights issue
  • School session with students on disaster preparedness & public health practices, CCA etc.
  • Production of communications material on rights (Bill borad on rights and entitlements/citizen charter)
  • Training of CBO leaders on child rights, protection mechanism from domestic violence and linkage with existing legal aid authorities
  • Different Day observation

Result – 04: Strengthened collective and individual actions toward fulfilment of rights and entitlements vulnerable households and promoted transformational leadership of women and marginalized.

  • Training on Women Transformative Leadership
  • Formation of Women's ADDA at CBO/community level
  • Mobilisaiton of new change makers through sharing the WE CAN campaign materials
  • Provide Information of Change Maker to WE CAN Secretariat.
  • Organizing Rally at community level to recognize women's role and contribution also ending VAW
  • Meeting with service providers and find the avenue to get access to local services and resources.