Project Title : Sustainable Elimination and Prevention of the Worst Forms of Child Labour
Working Area : Upazela : Bhairab, District : Kishoreganj
Beneficiaries : 3470 HH
Major Components :
  1. Release & reintegration
  2. Catch-up Education & Vocational Training
  3. Social awareness
  4. Advocacy & networking
  5. Capacity building of stakeholders and
  6. Community Organisation
Funded by : Comic Relief through Learning For Life (LfL)

Project Goal :

To contribute to the elimination of the worst form of child labor.

Specific Outcomes :                                           

Outcome-1:By January 2015, 20% of all children released from hazardous work are in mainstream school, 80% of children are in non-formal primary education, 20% of (150) older children have regular safer work/self employed. 

Outcome-2:200 families receiving IGA support (40% of total parents) and by the end of 2014, 150 of them increased their monthly average income by 30% (equivalent to 1000 BDT)

Outcome-3:Local Authority, parents, teachers, School Management Committee members, religious leaders and Community Support Cell member and 2000 (50% of  target) of mainstream primary school have increased awareness of child rights and consequences of hazardous child labour

Outcome-4:All released children, their parents and 600 small scale employers of children have increased awareness and understanding of children’s rights, consequences of hazardous child labour and lack of education and they are proactively preventing hazardous child labour

Outcome-5:POPI has enhanced capacity with appropriate systems, policies and practices in place to and able to conceptualize, design, plan and implement effective child labour project bringing lasting change in children’s life

Major Activities :

  • Release team formation and supporting
  • Providing training on CHILD RIGHTS, legislation and their responsibilitiesto –

-          Parents/guardians

-          School children

-          Released children

-          School teachers and SMC members

-          Shoe factory owners

-          Local influential leaders including religious leaders.

  • Mass awareness on CR (Folk song, street drama, Video show, Community meeting, Bill boards etc.)
  • Discussion on CR at the mosques during Zuma’h prayer
  • Hanging board on code of conduct in the shoe factories
  • Formation of Child Parliament
  • Training to shoe factory owners on health and safetyandcode of conduct
  • Development of special education curriculum
  • Vocational training for released children
  • Occupational skills training for parents of the released children
  • Inter-school sports and cultural competition
  • Inter-school debate competition on child labour issues
  • Upazela level childconvention
  • Union and Upazela level round table discussion with duty bearer and local policy makers
  • Interaction meeting with children, shoe factory owners and duty bearers
  • Observation of national and international children days
  • District and national level advocacy meeting with policy makers, duty bearers and civil society leaders
  • Medical treatment for released children through mobile clinic
  • Learning sharing meeting at Upazela, district and national levels
  • Child Rights mainstreaming workshop with NGOs
  • Staff training on child rights and implementation of CPP to POPI's  senior staff
  • Quarterly progress review meeting with all stakeholders
  • Newsletter publication and interactive website for learning sharing
  • Progress review meeting with shoe factory owners association and business association
  • Mobilizing Community Support Cell
  • Facilitation of NGO network to stop child labor in the project area
  • Life skill training (Basic Computer Operation, TV/Fridge/ Mobile phone servicing, Beauty Parlor etc.) to releasedchild laborers.