Project Title : School Feeding Programme in Poverty Prone Areas
Working Area : Upazela : Fulbaria, Gouripur and Haluaghat, District : Mymensingh
Beneficiaries : Around 1,85,000 Primary School students
Major Components :
  1. High Energy Biscuit delivery to school level children
  2. De-Worming
  3. Awareness
Funded by : Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) & WFP

Goal & objective of the project :

To contribute to the achievement of Universal Primary Education Policy of Government of Bangladesh and MDG-2 through serving and developing 183623 primary school students at 03 Upazelas  of Mymensingh district (poverty prone).

Major Activities:

  • Distribution of High Energy Biscuits among the students            
  • Follow up Biscuit consumption by the children during Full class hour                               
  • Improvement of existing biscuit storage facilities       
  • Ensuring sanitation facilities 
  • Increasing female representation in SMC
  • Update stock register on regular basis                 
  • Monitoring children’s enrolment, attendance and drop out.
  • Arrangement for pure drinking water at Schools 
  • Community mobilization workshops / seminar and meeting.