Project Title : SHOUHARDO - II
Working Area : Upazela : Mymensingh Sadar, Fulbaria and Muktagacha, District : Mymensingh
Beneficiaries : 32,144 HH
Major Components :
  1. Agriculture sector capacity
  2. Civil Participation
  3. Capacity building, preparedness and planning
  4. Assistance and recovery
  5. Maternal and Child Health
  6. Nutrition
  7. Strengthen Micro-Enterprise Productivity, Social Assistance.
Funded by : USAID & GoB

Project Goal :

Transform the lives of women & men in poor and extreme poor (PEP) households in the poorest and most marginalized districts in Bangladesh by reducing their vulnerability to food insecurity.

Specific Objectives:

SHOURHADO II Program ,under the 5 (Five)strategic objectives, undertook a number of set activities  to implement during the five years period from FY 2011-2015.

SO 1-Agriculture and livelihood: "Availability of" and "access to" nutritious foods enhanced and protected for 370,000 PEP households

SO 2-Health Hygiene and Nutrition : Improved health, hygiene and nutrition status of 186,607 children under 2 years of age

SO 3-Girls and Women Empowerment: PEP women and adolescent girls  empowered in their families, communities, and Union Parishad

SO 4-Stregthen Services to the Poor: Local elected bodies and  government service providers responsiveness and accountability to the PEP increased

SO 5-Disater Risk Management and Climate Change Adoption : Targeted community members and government institutions are better prepared for, mitigate, and respond to disasters and adapt to climate change.

Major Activities:


  • Field crop (Agriculture) – 2 days
  • CHD activities – 3 days
  • Fisheries activities -2 days
  • EDBM training for small business
  • VCA findings
  • Skill training on small business
  • Training to the savings group committee members
  • Training for positive deviant farmers
  • Field Day observation


  • Input Support for Agriculture Participants
  • Comprehensive Homestead Development
  • Input Support for Fisheries
  • Demonstration plot and nursery establish
  • Demonstration plot establish on Fisheries
  • Agriculture Fair at Upazela level

(C)   Referral linkages with health facilities

  • Children reached by USG supported nutrition programs
  • Joint visit to program sites from Upazela health and family planning managers to facilitate collaboration and coordination with MOH&FW.
  • National Observance Celebration: World Health Day, at Upazela level
  • Orientation to health service providers on Infant and young child feeding practices
  • Mothers support group facilitators’ training
  • Quarterly learning sharing workshop of CHVs
  • Coordination meeting with Union Health and Family Planning staffs

(D)   Protecting Violence against Women

  • Union Parishad VAW committees functioning
  • EKATA Centre establishment
  • ECCD Center establishment and supporting  
  • People’s Organization convention
  • Facilitating Union Standing Committees for active functioning
  • Leadership training for community groups on networking, conflict resolution etc.
  • Interactive discussion meeting with various institution and service providers (VAW related issues)
  • Mobilize communities of Domestic Violence legislation session at union
  • Day observance. International women day, at upazila level.
  • Introduce and establish linkage between EVAW Committees at Upazela level medical and legal services.
  • Learning sharing session on Gender Analysis progress of GA task force member and others at District level
  • Exposure visit of VDC members
  • Quarterly Meeting with UP to facilitate open budget
  • Youth campaign (engage adolescence girls and boys to reduce VAW)

(E)    DRR and CCA

  • Contingency plan preparation  
  • Construction /developed physical infrastructure
  • Community owned early warning and response systems
  • UDMC meetings
  • Semi-Annual UzDMC meetings
  • Develop./review R&R Map
  • Union Disaster Volunteers (DV) Meeting
  • Ceremonial Congregation of DVs
  • Community awareness activity
  • Piloting  School based Teen ager Brigade on disaster risk reduction and climate change
  • First aid training with box at the school level
  • Simulation
  • Day Observance : National Disaster Preparedness Day , Upazila level
  • Early worming massage dissemination during Emergency
  • Providing knowledge, technology and input/technology support
  • Input and training Support


(F)    Institutional Strengthening

  • Training for the UP Representatives on Ensuring Food Security
  • Annual CAP Review and prepare CAP for the following year with plastic cover
  • Team office base monthly staff meeting
  • Project Office base monthly senior staff meeting
  • VDC general meeting

(G)  Activities under GOB fund

  • Commodity Management Activities
  • FDP management & recording kipping
  • PIC member orientation at Upazela level