Rights & Governance

Program Goal: Protecting Universal human rights, good governance in lGIs and essential government services for the poor and disadvantaged people.


Programme Priorities:

  • Building capacity of CBO/VDC to create access to decision making process.
  • Building network of CBO/VDC with UP and facilitate collective work.
  • Working through active participation of the community, NGO and other actors to strengthen LGIs, to enhance its transparency and accountability of duty bearers and ensuring access to information.
  • Acting as an active member to all kind of rights promotion movement for women, children, ethnic, haor & char people.
  • Advocacy to sensitize duty bearers and create greater awareness on human rights issues.
  • Organizing and mobilizing communities to eradicate especially worst forms of Child labor, gender and social discrimination.
  • Facilitating the process for access and control over natural/common resources.